Frequently Asked Questions


Do I still get a utility bill after I go solar? 

Yes, but your utility bill will be a lot smaller, or maybe even a bill credit if you generate more power than you use. If you have left-over bill credits at the end of the year, you could get a check for the amount of those credits. Solar power systems are designed to net-meter out. That means they are designed to produce as much power as the home uses, so the homeowner doesn’t end up paying for electricity. You will still be responsible for any non-bypassable charges your utility company adds to your bill. A non-bypassable charge is a fee that the utility company adds to your bill. Those fees are often used for grid maintenance and infrastructure upgrades.

 Do solar panels work in a blackout?

For most grid-tied solar power systems, the answer is no. The system is connected to the grid, not your home. In the event of a blackout, the solar power system has a special cut-off to prevent electricity from being sent into damaged electrical grid wiring. It’s a safety feature that protects line workers that are working to restore the power. There is a special inverter called a “Sunny Boy” that can provide up to 2,000 watts (Max current load 20 Amps) if the sun is still shining.

What kind of maintenance do solar panels need?

Solar panels need very little maintenance. If they get dusty, sweep or squeegee it off. If they get covered by snow, sweep it off or wait for it to fall off on its own. That’s it! No further maintenance required.

How do I maximize my savings on my solar power?

It’s easy! Just use less power than your solar panels produce. If you live in an area with Time-of-Use billing, be sure to minimize your use of electricity during peak rate hours. Those are usually in the evening.

What happens when there is snow on solar panels? 

Snow will prevent sunlight from reaching the panels, so they won’t generate power when covered with snow. Most solar panels are mounted at an angle, so snow will eventually slide off of them. If you don’t want to wait for the snow to fall off, you can brush the snow off with a push broom.

How long does a solar power system last?

Most solar systems including those built by Freedom Forever are warrantied to last for 25 years. It’s very likely that your system will last longer than that. There are 40 year old solar systems out there that are still going strong, producing about 75 – 80% of the power they were originally designed to produce. As they age, solar panels lose about 0.5 – 1% of their power output per year. Thus it’s very likely that your solar system will outlast its warranty.